The IVE takes on the function of building a bridge between the universities and the working environment. Thereby we set ourselves the target of awakening the enterpreneurial spirit of young students with the help of dedicated companies. We want to inspire and challenge young people to act brave as well as responsible.


How does IVE perceive a placement?

By cooperating with leading companies, IVE is able to place students of the ETH, universities and universities of applied siences in internships at companies of a wide range of industries. These are special internships such as assistant to executive comittee. These highly qualified internships should last for a minimum of one year. To fill these placements with commited, resoponsible and reliable trainees we conduct a standardized and structured interview. A bachelor diploma as well as the successfull completion of the IVE workshops "The Future Leaders Project" are required. The branch of study is of secondary importance.